Completed Dissertations

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Elizabeth Bauman, Performance and Video Work of Bruce Nauman, Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Brian Bentley, Pop Artists of Underdevelopment: 1960s Brazilian New Objectivity. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Alexander Bigman, Specters of Fascism in Post-Conceptual Art, 1974 - 1984. Advisor: Robert Slifkin.

Rachel Boate, Embodied Abstraction: The Crisis of Representation in 1930s France. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Jordan Famularo, Gems and the Media of Italian Art, ca. 1450-ca. 1550. Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Julia Feldman, Charles Simonds and the 1970s. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Elizabeth Frasco, American Women Artists of the New Deal and Mexico, 1934-1943. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Madeleine Glennon, Medusa in Context: Mythological and Sensorial Connections of the Gorgon. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Antonia Pocock, The Heartland of Pop: Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons in Chicago. Advisor: Thomas Crow


Edina Adam, Jacopo Ligozzi ‘Come Forestiero’ and the Notion of Foreignness in His Art. Advidor: Patricia Rubin

Stephanie Rose Mary Caruso, Redirecting Gazes: The Design and Reception of a Late Antique Pictorial Motif. Advisor: Thelma Thomas.

Francisco Chapparo, Victimhood in Goya. Rhetorics and Anti-Rhetorics on the Threshold of Photography. Advisors: Edward J. Sullivan, Jonathan Brown

Grace Chuang, Bernard (II) Vanrisamburgh, Master Cabinetmaker in Eighteenth-century Paris. Advisor: THomas Crow

Benjamin Clifford, Painting After Modernism: Rethinking Historical Change. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Alexis Lowry, A Study of Line and Its Possibilities’: Michael Heizer’s Nine Nevada Depressions. Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Elizabeth McGovern, Fashioning Identity in Eighteenth-Dynasty Egypt: Costume, Communication, and Self-Presentation in the Tombs of the Nobles. Advisor: David O'Connor

Andrea Nitsche-Krupp, Material Proposition: The Early Work of Matthew Barney. Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Fatima Quraishi, Necropolis as Palimpsest: The Cemetery of Makli in Sindh, Pakistan. Advisors: Barry Flood, Dipti Khera


Andrea Mari Myer Achi, Illuminating the Scriptorium: The St. Michael Collection and Monastic Book Production in the Fayyum Oasis, Egypt during the Ninth and Tenth Centuries. Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Elizabeth Buhe, Sam Francis: Functional Abstraction. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Laura Dickey Corey, Mary Cassatt (1844-1926), American Tastemaker: Portrait of the Artist as Advisor. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Allison KIdd, Imaginibus vel Simulacris: Depicting Urban Landscapes and Architecture in Roman Antiquity. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Heather Kopleff, A Community in Stone: The ‘Cenotaph’ Stelae of Abydos. Advisor: David O'Connor

Andrew Larkin Farinholt Ward, Beyond Hellenization: Terracotta Ritual Furniture in Ancient Sicily. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Matthew Worsnick, Ambivalent Lines: Urban and Architectural Appropriation in Contested Italo-Yugoslav Territories, 1918 - 1954. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen


Peter Jonathan Bell, The Reinvention of the Bronze Statuette in Renaissance Italy: Presentation, Material, Facture. Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Kara Fiedorek, Priests of the Sun: Photography and Faith, 1860-1910. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Matthew Hayes, What Burckhardt Saw: Restoration and the Invention of the Renaissance c.1855-1904. Advisor: Patricia Rubin

Sean Nesselrode, The Harvest of Modernity: Art, Oil, and Industry in the Venezuelan Twentieth Century. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Tara Prakash, Statues of the ‘Other’: An Examination of Three-Dimensional Representations of Foreigners in Ancient Egypt. Advisor: David O'Connor

Blanca Serrano Ortiz De Solorzano, Between Limit and Possibility: Art in Cuba During the Special Period. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Jason Andrew Vrooman, Crossing the Threshold: Nabi Depictions of Men in Public, Private, and Pretend Spaces. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Allison K. Young, Torn and Most Whole': On the Poetics of Difference in the Art of Zarina Bhimji. Advisor: Thomas Crow


Claire Rita Brandon, Spaces of Art in the Exhibition Age: Italy as a Laboratory for Global Exhibition Paradigms since 1970. Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Robert Scott Brennan, Painting as a Modern Art: The Era of Giotto. Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Kim Conaty, Mapping a Cultural Breakthrough: A Study of Avalanche Magazine (1970-76), the “New Forms of Art Making and Emerging International Networks." Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Marina Daiman, Rubens Remaking Rubens: Self-Repetition, Transformation, and Invention in Early Modern Art. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Jennifer Field, The New York School and the Development of Avant-Garde Printmaking in the United States. ADvisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Marya Faith Fisher, Architecture of the Sacred Among the Western Greeks: The Non-Peripteral Temples of South Italy and Sicily. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Joanna Hecker, Outside Looking In: Francisco de Holanda and the Margins of Renaissance Art. Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Stephanie Lynn Herdrich, John Singer Sargent: A ‘Modern Old Master’ and the Italian Renaissance. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Amanda Kay Herrin, Narratives of Origin in Netherlandish Art: Maarten de Vos & Late Sixteenth-Century Print Design as Visual Exegesis. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Marci S. Kwon, Vernacular Modernism: Joseph Cornell and the Art of Populism. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Brett Lazer, The New World, the Basque Language, and the Power of Painting: the Art and Writing of Baltasar de Echave Orio. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Mark R Loiacono, Out From the Shadows: Andy Warhol’s Abstractions. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Rebecca Skafsgaard Lowery, Contingent Bodies: Art In and Around Los Angeles, 1969-75. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Jeremy J. Ott, Mortuary Practices in Late Antique Corinth. Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Jeongho Park, El Greco and the Art of Portraiture. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Lindsay Anne Peterson, Building the Home Front: The Lanham Act and the Modernization of Housing in the United States. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Claire De Dobay Rifelj, Mediums and Messages: Collage and Narrative in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Susan Schafer, Rome Year Zero: Continuity in Post-World War II Architecture and Culture in Rome. Cohen, Jean-Louis

Lillian Stoner, Hair in Archaic and Classical Greek Art: An Anthropological Approach. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Susanna Temkin, Un arte social y revolucionario (A Social and Revolutionary Art): Marcelo Pogolotti and the International Avant-Garde. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Daniel Scott Williamson, Modern Architecture and Capitalist Patronage in Ahmedabad, India 1947 - 1969. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen


Nora Abrams, Para-realism and the Early Sculpture of Rachel Whiteread. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Birgitta Augustin, Painting Authenticity: Intersections in the Lives and Art of Zhang Yu, Huang Gongwang and Ni Zan. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

William Bracken, Rembrandt as Creative Inventor. Advisors: Eric Jan Sluiter and Mariet Westermann

Carolina Carrasco, The Lives of Working Objects: Functionalism and the Institution in the Archival “Readymades” of George Maciunas. Advisor: Robert Storr

Elizabeth Dospel Williams, Worldly Adornments: Women's Precious Metal Jewelry in the Early Medieval Eastern Mediterranean (9500-1100 CE). Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Galia Halpern, Open Geography and the Illuminated Mandeville's Travels. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Nina Harkrader, Building for the Poor and the Pauper: Architecture, Morality and Medical Models in Victorian England, 1850-1900.  Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Rachel Kaplan, Mexican Modernism in National and Transnational Contexts. Advisor: Edward Sullivan

Allyson McDavid, The Legacy of the Great Baths of Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity. Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Nicole Myers, Courbet and the Realist Nude. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Berit Potter, "Grace McCann Morley and the Dialectical Exchange of Modern Art in the Americas, 1935 – 1958. Advisors: Thomas Crow and Edward J. Sullivan.

David Jacob Rabinowitz, Public Construction: Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Running Fence. Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Delia Solomons, Installing Latin American Art for Cold War Culture: U.S. Exhibitions (1959-1967). Advisor: Edward Sullivan

Anna Swinbourne, Marvelous Spectacle: The Role of Ostend's benediction of the Sea in Selected Paintings and Drawings by James Ensor. Advisors: Robert Lubar and Priscilla P. Soucek

Michael Waters, Materials, Materiality, and Spolia in Italian Renaissance Architecture. Advisor: Marvin Trachtenberg

Shannon Wearing, Power and Style: The Liber Feudorum Maior and the Court of Alfonso II, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona (r. 1162-1196). Advisor: Jonathan Alexander


Joseph Ackley, 'Offer him gold; that is true love': Ottonian gold repoussé and the Western medieval church treasury. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

William Ambler, The Portrait Workshop at the Court of Philip IIII of Spain. Advisor: Jonathan Brown. 

Jennifer Miyuki Babcock, Anthropomorphized Animal Imagery on New Kingdom Ostraca and Papyri: Their Artistic and Social Significance, Advisor: David O'Connor.

Andrea Bell, French Artists in Rome: An Examination of Eighteenth-Century Drawing Albums. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Anna Katherine Brodbeck, Parallel Situations: Artur Barrio, Brazilian Art, and International Exchange in the Post-Studio Era (1969–1974). Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Lauren Cannady, Owing to Nature and Art: The Garden Landscape and the Eighteenth-Century French Interior. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Christopher Corradino, Giovanni Mansueti Painting in Venice. Advidor: Colin T. Eisler

Nicholas Herman, Jean Bourdichon (1457-1521): Tradition, Transition, Renewal. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Titia Hulst, Leo Castelli and the Market for American Contemporary Art. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Kenji Kajiya, Color-Field Painting in the Cultural Context of America. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Meggie Morris, Rediscovering Madrid through the Lens of Tourism: An Analysis of 'La Luna de Madrid,' 1983-1984. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Zhijian Qian, Modernism Re-oriented in a Chinese Context: Painting of Modernist Artiti in Wartime Chongqing, 1937-1945. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Anooradha Siddiqi, Just Add Water? Architecture and Humanitarianism, 1991-2011. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Ileana Selejan, Postmodern Warfare in Images: The Aesthetics of War Photography in the Late 1970s and 1980s. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Jennifer Sudul, The Early works of Niki de Saint Phalle. Advisors: Robert Storr and Linda Nochlin

Julia Valiela, Model Women: Female Portrait Busts in Renaissance Italy. Advisors: Beverly Brown and Patricia Rubin


Mark Abb, The Polychromy of Roman Marble Sculpture: Aphrodisias and Corinth. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Denise Birkhofer, On and Off the Streets: Photography and Performance in Mexico City, 1974-1984. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Cathleen Chaffee, Decors: Marcel Broodthaers Late Exhibition Practice, 1974-75. Advisor: Robert Storr

Nathaniel Donahue, Decorative Modernity and Avant-Garde Classicism in Renoir's Late Work, 1892-1919. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Jason Dubs, Making a Scene: The Colectivo Acciones de Arte, the Chilean Neo-Avant-Garde, and the Politics of Visibility, 1975-89. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Rachel Federman, Framing Los Angeles: Artists’ Environments and Institutional Space, 1962-1994. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Ross Finocchio, Henry Clay Frick: The Making of an American Collector, 1880-1905. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Maryl Gensheimer, Decoration and Display in the Imperial Thermae: Issues of Intention, Reception, and Visual Experience at the Baths of Caracalla. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Melanie Hanan, Romanesque Casket Reliquaries: Forms, Meanings, and Development. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Genevive Hendricks, Collision and Collusions: Interactions in Le Corbusier’s Art and Architecture, Purism and Beyond. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Joe Hill, Becoming Global: Contemporary Art Worlds in the Age of the Biennials Boom. Advisor: Robert Storr

Alison Hokanson, The Soul of Solemn: Places; The Interior Scenes of Henri de Braekeleer (1840-1888). Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Jai Imbrey, Fictive Frames in Mantegna’s Devotional Art. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Abby Kornfeld, Meanings in the Margins: Between Text and Image in the Barcelona Haggadah. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Matthew Levy, Abstract Painting and the Minimalist Critiques: Robert Mangold, David Novros, Jo Baer. Advisor: Robert Storr

Lihong Lui, A Known World: The Pictorial Construction of Place in the Art of Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming, and Lu Zhi. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Beth Merfish, Stars in Complex Constellations: Mexico City’s Taller de Gráfica Popular through Inside and Outside Histories. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Elizabeth Monti, Art for an Antipope at the Court of Clement VII (1378-1394). Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Judith Noorman, The Unconventional Career of Jacob van Loo (1614-70), Painter in Amsterdam and Paris. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Rory O’Dea, Science Fiction and Mystic Fact: Robert Smithson’s Ways of World Making, Advisor: Robert Storr

Alexander Rich, Artist or Critic: Guy Pène du Bois and the Search for Artistic Identity. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Lindsey Schneider, The Late Career of Pietro da Cortona and Roman Baroque Painting after 1650. Advisor: Jonathan Brown.

Deanna Sheward, Building for the Bomb: Monumentality and the Manhattan Project. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Hannah Sigur, Neoclassicism and National Identity: Japan, the United States, and International Expositions 1862-1915. Advisor: Jean Louis Cohen

Denise-Marie Teece, Vessels of Verse, Ships of Song: Persian Anthologies of the Qara Quyunlu and Aq Quyunlu Perod. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Rosemarie Trentinella, The Roman Villa in Calabria: Case Studies in Visual Culture. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Derek Weiler, Serial Aesthetics and the Concept of Technique: Mel Bochner and the 1960s. Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Michelle Anne Wijegoonaratna, Tradition, Innovation and the Construction of Identity in Otto Dix’s Portraits and Self-Portraits 1912-1925. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar


Guendalina Ajello, Afterlives: The Reuse, Adaptation and Transformation of Roma’s Ancient theaters. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Liam Considine, New Realisms: Pop Art in France, 1962-1968. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Isabel Fowkles, The Cults of Syrian-Phoenician Gods in Rome: Archaeology, Topography, and Connections to the Roman East. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Ana Franco, Edgar Negret and Eduard Ramirez-Villamizar: Transnational Encounters and the Rise of Modernism in Colombian Art, 1944-1964. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Casey Gardonio-Foate, Professional Women Artists of Iberia’s Golden Age: Careers in Context. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Sarah Graff, Humbaba/Huwawa. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Erik Gustafson, Tradition and Renewal in the Thirteenth-Century Franciscan Architecture of Tuscany. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg.

Karen Hung, Carved Elegance: Hans Thoman, German Renaissance Sculptor. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Lauren Jacobi, The Topography of Money: The Architecture and Urbanism of Banks in Renaissance Italy. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Danielle Johnson, Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, 1928-1938. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Ronda Kasl, The Making of Hispano-Flemish Style: Art, Commerce, and Politics in Fifteent-Century Castille. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Laura Leaper, Time, Memory and Ritual: deciphering visual rhetoric in Diego Valades’ Rhetorica Christiana. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Yulin Lee, Strategies of Spatialization in the Contemporary Art Museum: An Exploratory Study of New Museums and Contemporary Art in Japan. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Niria E. Leyva-Gutierrez, Painting Power: Images of Ecclesiastical Authority in Seventeenth-Century New Spain. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Sarah Madole, Innovation and Identity on Mythological Frieze Sarcophagi from Roman Asia Minor. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Michele Matteini, Painting in the Age of Evidential Scholarship (Kaozheng): Luo Ping’s Late Years, ca. 1770-1799. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Sarah Montross, Cartographic Communication: Latin American New Media Artists in New York, Juan Downey and Jaime Davidovich (1960s-1980s). Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Adele Nelson, The Monumental and the Ephemeral: The São Paulo Bienal and the Emergence of Abstraction in Brazil, 1946-1954. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Lelia Packer, Imitation and Innovation in Materials in Early Modern Northern European Art: Pen Prints, Pen Drawings, and Pen Paintings, c. 1580-1670. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Maggie Popkin, The Trimphal Route in Republican and Imperial Rome: Architecture, Experience, and Memory. Advisor: Katherine Welch.

Jennifer Udell, Times of Day and Times of Year on Athenian Vases. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Kathryn Wysocki, Images for the King: The Bronze Plaques of the Benin Court in their Architectural Context. Advisor: Jonathan Hay


Qamar Adamjee, Strategies for Visual Narration in the Illustrated Chandayan Manuscripts. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Esther Bell, Charles-Antoine Coypel: Painting and Performance in Eighteenth-Century France. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Johanna Blokker, (Re) Constructing Identity: World War II and the Reconstruction of Cologne’s Destroyed Romanesque Churches, 1945-1985. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen.

Michael Brown, Portraiture in New Spain, 1600-1800: Painters, Patrons and Politics in Viceregal Mexico. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Luis Castaneda, The Twilight of the Miracle: The Politics of Architecture in Mexico, 1953-1968. Advisors: Jean-Louis Cohen and Edward J. Sullivan

Amy Calver, The Integration of Quantitative and Qualitative Research in a Study of the Regalia of Ramses III. Advisor: David O’Connor

Jacquelyn Coutre, Jan Lievens: Painting, Politics and Decoration in Dutch Art, 1653-1669. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Vanessa Davidson, Paulo Bruscky and Edgardo Antonio Vigo: Pioneers in Alternative Communication Networks, Conceptualism, and Performance (1960s-1980). Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Keely Heuer, The Head as a Decorative Motif in South Italian Vase Painting. Advisor: Joan Mertens

Pamela Huckins, Art in the Alta California Mission Churches, 1769-1834. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Maile Hutterer, Broken Outlines and Structural Exhibitionism: the Flying Buttress as Aesthetic Choice in Medieval France. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Matthew Israel, Paradigms of Protest: American Artists Against the Vietnam War. Advisor: Robert Storr

Anna Jozefacka, Rebuilding Warsaw: Conflicting Visions of a Capital City, 1916-1956. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Yumiko Kamada, Flowers on Floats: The Production, Circulation, and Reception of Early Modern Indian Carpets. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Lauren Kinnee, The Roman Trophy: From Battlefield Marker to Emblem of Power. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Cheryl Korte, Plychromed Quattrocento Sculpture in Florence. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Jonathan Lackman, Art-Critical Invective in Paris: 1844-1876. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Heather McCarthy, Queenship, Cosmography, and Regeneration: The Decorative Programs and Architecture of Ramesside Royal Women’s Tombs. Advisor: David O’Connor

Kathryn Moore
, Italian Copies of Holy Land Architecture: The Illustrated Versions of Niccolò da Poggibonsi’s Libro d’Oltramare

Heather Turnbow, Sacrophagi and Funerary Display in Roman Aphrodisias. Advisor: Katherine Welch.

Jessica Veith, Memorializing the Past: Jan de Bray and the Construction of Identity in Seventeenth-Century Haarlem. Advisor: Mariët Westermann


Marta Ameri, Sealing at the Edge of the third Millennium Middle Asian Interaction Spheres: The View from Gilund, Rajasthan, India. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Jamieson Donati, Towards an Agora: The Spatial and Architectural Development of Greek Commercial and Civic Space in the Peloponnese. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Lindsay Harris, Picturing the ‘Primitive’: Photography, Architecture, and the Construction of Italian Modernism, 1911-1936. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Heather Horton, Authority and Innovation in Alberti’s Theory and Practice. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Anne Hrychuk, From Fornix to Arcus: The Origins, Development and Imperial Transformation of the Freestanding Roman Arch (196 BCE to 54 CE). Advisors: Katherine Welch and Priscilla Soucek

Lorraine Karafel, Raphael’s all’antica Tapestries for Pope Leo X: Art, Culture, and Politics in Early Sixteenth-Century Rome. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Abigail McEwen, The Practice and Politics of Cuban Abstraction, c. 1952-1963. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Margaret Samu, The Female Nude in Nineteenth-Century Russian Art: A Study in Assimilation and Resistance. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Eve Straussman-Pflanzer, Felsine Pittrici: The Women Artists of Early Modern Bologna. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Lori Waxman, A Few Steps towards a Revolution of Everyday Life: Walking with the Surrealists, the Situationist International, and Fluxus. Advisor: Thomas Crow