Completed Dissertations

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Lisa Brody, The Iconography and Cult of the Aphrodite of Aphrodisias. Advisor: Christopher Ratté

Stephanie Carroll, Painting and Theater in France During the Eighteenth Century. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Aruna D’Souza, Cezanne’s Bathers: Biography and the Erotics of Paint. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

David Benjamin, Relations of Painting and Writing in Fifteenth-Century Siena. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Desiree Koslin, The Dress of Monastic and Religious Women As Seen in Art From the Early Middle Ages to the Reformation. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Gerrit Lansing, ‘A Neurotic Mirror’: the Painting of O. Louis Gugliemi, 1932?1943. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Sarah Lees, Representing the Commune of 1871: the Depiction of Contemporary History in the Early Third Republic. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Julia Lenaghan, Portrait Statues of Women in the Roman World. Advisor: R. R. R. Smith

Cecelia Levin, The Ramayana of Loro Jonggrang: indian Antecedents and Javanese Impetus. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Candace Lewis, Pottery Towers of Han Dynasty China. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Margot McIwain Nishimura, The Gorleston Psalter: A Study of the Marginal in the Visual Culture of Fourteenth-Century England. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Elisabeth Mikosch, Court Dress and Ceremony in the Age of the Baroque, the Royal/Imperial Wedding of 1719 in Dresden. Advisor: Donald Posner

Andrei Molotiu, Allegories of Love in the Late Work of Jean?Honore Fragonard. Advisor: Donald Posner

Jason Rosenfeld, New Languages of Nature in Victorian England: the Pre-Raphaelite Landscape, Natural History and Modern Architecture in the 1850’s. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Paul Stanwick, Egyptian Royal Sculptures of the Ptolemaic Period. Advisor: David O’Connor

Julie Van Voorhis, The Sculptors’s Workship at Aphrodisias. Advisor: R. R. R. Smith

Jacob Wisse, Official city painters in Brabant, 1400-1500: A Documentary and Interpretative Approach. Advisors: Colin T. Eisler and Olga Raggio


Mary Brantl, Agency Studies: Art and Diplomacy in the Northern European Protestant Courts of the Early 17th c. Potraiture. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Marietta Cambareri, Ippolito Scalza and the 16th c. Renovation Projects at Orvieto Cathedral. Advisor: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Susan Earle, Puvis de Chavannes and America: His Artistic and Critical Reception 1875-1920. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Erica Ehrenberg, Retrieving Late Babylonian Art: The Seal Impressions from the Eanna Archive at Uruk. Advisor: Donald P. Hansen

Emilie Gordenker, Careless Romance: Van Dyck and Cotume in 17th c. Portraiture. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Ethelyn Adina Gordon, The Sculpture of Frederick William MacMonnies: A Critical Catalog. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Gerald Guest, Queens, Kings and Clergy Figures of Authority in the 13th c. Moralized Bible. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Erik Inglis, Jean Fouquet as a Painter of National History. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Bernice Jones, Minoan Women’s Clothes: An Investigation of their Construction for the Depictions in Art. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Steven Platzman, Imagining the Artist: Cézanne and the Rhetoric of the Self-Portraits. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Margaret Richter, Gabriel Max: the artist, the Darwinist and the spiritualist. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Lydia du Pont Thompson, The Yi’nan Tomb: Narrative and the Ritual in Pictorial Art of the Eastern Han (25-220 C.E.). Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Louisa Elena Alcala, The Jesuits and the visual arts in New Spain, 1670-1767. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Jane Rachel Becker, Only one art: The interaction of painting and sculpture in the work of Medardo Rosso, Auguste Rodin, and Eugene Carriere, 1884-1906. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Kim Teresa De Beaumont, Reconsidering Gabriel de Saint-Aubin (1724-1780): The background for his scenes of Paris. Advisor: Donald Posner

Kathryn Calley Galitz, The family paradigm in French painting, 1789-1814. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Thomas Francis McDonough, The construction of reserve: Urbanicm and experience in Rousseau’s Paris. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Susan Rosenberg, Brancusi and postwar Paris: Portraiture, primitivism, and patronage in the 1920s. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Kathleen Marie Ryor, Bright pearls hanging in the marketplace: Self-expression and commodification in the painting of Xu Wei. Advisor: Jonathan Hay


Michael Amy, Michelangelo’s Commission for Apostle Statue for the Cathedral of Florence. Advisor: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Fang-mei Chous, The Life and Art of Wen Boren (1502-1575). Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Ena Giurescu, Trecento Family Chapels in Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce: Architecture, Patronage and Competition. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Margaret A. Kuntz, The Cappella Paolina: Before and After Michelangelo. Advisor: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Diana Pyle Rowan, Portable Buddhist Shrines of the Tang Period. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Andrew Carrington Shelton, From Making History to a Living Legend: The Mystification of M. Ingres (1834-1855). Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Perrin Stein, Exoticism as Metaphor: Turquerie in Eighteenth-Century French Art. Advisor: Donald Posner

Anne Umland, Joan Miró and Collage in the 1920s: The Dialectic of Painting and Anti-Painting. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Gertje R. Utley, Picasso and the ‘Parti de Renaissance Française’: The Artist as a Communist, 1944-1953. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe

Marina Vidas, Representation and marriage: art, society and gender relations in Florence from the late fourteenth through the fifteenth century. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Erick Wilderding, History and Prophecy: Selected Problems in the Religious Paintings of Nicolas Poussin. Advisor: Donald Posner

Tomoko Masuya, The Ilkhanid phase of Takht-I Sulaiman. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek


Ariella Budick, Subject to Scrutiny: Diane Arbus’s American Grotesque. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Barbara Larson, Odilon Redon: Science and Fantasy in the Noirs. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Laura Morowitz, Consuming the Past: The Nabis and French Medieval Art. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Margaret Oppenheimer, Women Artists in Paris, 1791-1814. Advisor: Robert Rosenlbum

Elena Quevedo-Chigas, Early Medieval Iberian Architecture and the Hispanic Liturgy: A Study of the Development of Church Planning from the Fifth to the Tenth Centuries. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Suzanna Beatrice Simor, “I Believe” Images of the Credo, Charlemagne to Luther. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Kathryn Smith, Canonizing the Apocryphal: London B.L. MS. Egerton 2781 and its Visual, Devotional and Social Contexts. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Nancy L. Thompson, Female Portrait Sculpture in the First Century B.C. in Italy and the Hellenistic East. Advisor: R. R. R. Smith

Mariët Westermann, The Amusements of Jan Steen: Comic Painting in the Seventeenth Century. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Jenny Wilker, Daumier’s Histoire ancienne: French Classical Parody in the 1840s. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Louisa Wood Ruby, The Drawings of Paul Bril: A Study of their Role in 17th Century European Landscape. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann


Dimitris Cacharelias, The Mount Athos Esphigmenou 14 Codex: Pagan and Christian Myth in Middle Byzantine Manuscript Illumination. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Caroline Virgina Walker Goldberg, Giuseppe de Nittis: An Italian Perspective on the Parisian Cityscape, 1867-1884. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Janet Burnett Grossman, The Sculptured Funerary Monuments of the Classical Period in the Athenian Agora. Advisor: Evelyn B. Harrison

Luisa J. Orto, Design as Art: il Design and Italian National Identity. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Olenka Z. Pevny, The Kyrylivs’ka Tserkva: The Appropriation of Byzantine Art and Architecture in Kiev. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews

Rebecca A. Rabinow, The Legacy of la Rue Férou: Livres d’Artiste Created for Tériade by Rouault, Bonnard, Matisse, Léger, Le Corbusier, Chagall, Giacometti, and Miró. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Felicity B. Ratté, Significant Structures: Architectural Imagery in Tuscan Painting of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Rona Roisman, Francesco da Sangallo: The Tombs. Advisor: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Virginia Stotz, Romanesque Sculpture on the Façade of Notre-Dame, Saintes. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Carol Foreman Tabler, The Landscape Paintings of Antoine Vollon (1833-1900): A Catalogue and Analysis. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Sussan Babaie, Sfavid Palaces at Isfahan: Continuity and Change (1590-1666). Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Rolf Bagemihl, Painting and Sculpture in the Diocese of Volterra: A Documentary Investigation (1300-1400). Advisor: John Pope-Hennessy

Diane Booton, Pictorial Seasons: A Cultural Study of the Cycle of Calendar Paintings in the Torre dell’Aquilla. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Suzanne Maureen Burke, Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Sala della Pace: Its Historiography and its “sensu astrologicus.” Advisor: Colin T. Eisler


Layla S. Diba, Laquerwork of Safavid Persia and its Relationship to Persian Painting. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Stephanie S. Dickey, Prints, Portraits and Patrons in Rembrandt’s Work Around 1640. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Sheila Dillon, Studies in the Civic and Intellectual Portraits of the Greeks. Advisor: R. R. R. Smith

Carrie A. Hamilton, The Salons of 1699 to 1739: The Academy, the Bâtiments, and the Politics of Display. Advisor: Donald Posner

Lawrence Jenkens, The Palazzo Piccolomini in Siena: Pius II’s Architectural Patronage and its Afterlife. Advisor: Kahtleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Diana Wolfe Larkin, The Broken-Lintel Doorway of Ancient Egypt and its Decoration. Advisor: Bernard von Bothmer

Ursula Lee, The Shadow of Industry: German Painting from Romanticism to Neue Sachlichkeit. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Karl Frederick Schuler, The Pictorial Program of the Chapterhouse of Sigena. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

William J. Travis, The Romanesque Sculpture of Montceaux-l’Etoile: Crossroads of Cluny and Brionnais. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews

Alexander W. Vergara, The Presence of Rubens in Spain. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Stefanie Walker, The Sculptor Pietro Stefano Monnot in Rome 1695-1713. Advisor: Olga Raggio

Katherine Welch, Amphitheatres in the Roman Republic: An Archeology of the Roman Spectacle. Advisor: R. R. R. Smith


Meg Armstrong, A Thesaurus of Applied Motives of African Red Slip Ware. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews

Sharon E. J. Gerstel, Monumental Painting and Eucharistic Sacrifice in the Byzantine Sanctuary: The Example of Macedonia. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews

Joseph Low Karmel, Picasso’s Laboratory: The Role of his Drawings in the Development of Cubism, 1910-1914. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe

Jennifer M. Kilian, The Paintings of Karel du Jardin (1626-1678). Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Patrick Lenaghan, The Arrival of the Italian Renaissance in Spain: The Tombs by Domenico Fancelli and Bartolomé Ordóñez. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Elizabeth P. McGowan, Votive Columns of the Aegean Islands and the Athenian Acropolis in the Archaic Period. Advisor: James R. McCredie

Bojana Mojsov, The Sculpture and Relief of Ramesses III. Advisor: Bernard von Bothmer

Patricia M. Orfanos, George H. Skidmore, Architect, and Late 19th-century Churches in Suffolk County, Long Island. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Joan Helen Pachner, Tony Smith: Architect, Painter, Sculptor. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe

John Pultz, Harry Callahan and American Photography, 1938-1990. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe

Edna R. Russmann, Relief Decoration in Theban Private Tombs of the Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Dynasties: Its Origins and Development, With Particular Reference to the Tomb of Harwa (TT 37). Advisor: Bernard von Bothmer

Shelley E. Zuraw, The Sculpture of Mino de Fiesole (1429-1484). Advisor: John Pope-Hennessy


Andrew Butterfield, The Major Sculptures of Andrea der Verrocchio. Advisor: John Pope-Hennessy

Alan Chong, Aelbert Cuyp and the Meanings of Landscape. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Irene Cioffi, Corrado Giaquinto at the Spanish Court 1753-1762: The Fresco Cycles at the New Royal Palace in Madrid. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Andrew J. Clark, Attic Black-Figured Olpai and Oinochoai. Advisor: Dietrich von Bothmer

Isabelle Dervaux, Avant-Garde in New York, 1935-1939: The Ten. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Ethan Matt Kavaler, Pieter Breugel and the Common Man: Art and Ideology in Sixteenth-century Antwerp. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Ellen Konowitz, Dirk Jaobsz. Vellert: A Study of his Stained Glass Windows, Drawings and Prints. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Christopher E. Miele, The Gothic Revival and Gothic Architecture: The Restoration of Medieval Churches in Victorian Britain. Advisor: Sarah Bradford Landau

Jonathan Nelson, The Later Works of Filippino Lippi: From his Roman Sojourn Until his Death (ca. 1489-1504). Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Nadine Monica Orenstein, Hendrik Hondius (Duffel 1573-The Hague 1650) and the Business of Prints. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Christopher A. Pfaff, The Argive Heraion: The Architecture of the Classical Temple of Hera. Advisor: James R. McCredie

Bert Winther, Isamu Noguchi: Conflicts of Japanese Culture in the Early Postwar Years. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Stephen R. Zwirn, Narrative Frames: Temporal Settings for Images of Hercules, Mithras, and Christ. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews


Emily Braun, Mario Sironi: Art and Politivs in Fascist Italy 1919-1945. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe

Susan Grace Galassi, Games of Wit: Picasso’s Variations on the Old Masters. Advisor: Gert Schiff

Jocelyn Crane Griffin, Pointing Gestures in Medieval Miniatures: A Study Based on Illustrated Manuscripts of the Terence Comedies. Advisor: Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Beth L. Holman, S. Benedetto Po: Renovation and Reform. Advisors: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Anne-Marie Sankovitch, The Church of Saint-Eustache in the Early French Renaissance. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Gail E. Solberg, Taddeo di Bartolo: His Life and Work. Advisor: John Pope-Hennessy

Teh-yu Wang, The “Rivers and Mountains in Autumn Colors” by Zhao Boju, and Associated Attributions. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Jeffrey Steven Weiss, The Popular Culture of Modern Art: Picasso, Duchamp and Avant-Gardism, c. 1909-17. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe


Candace Adelson, The Tapestry Patronage of Cosimo I de’Medici: 1545-1553. Advisor: Olga Raggio

Ronni Baer, The Paintings of Gerrit Dou (1613-1675). Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Barbara Drake Boehm, Medieval Head Reliquaries of the Massif Central. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews

Nicola Courtright, Gregory XIII’s Tower of the Winds in the Vatican. Advisor: Irving Lavin

Magdalena Dabrowski, The Russian Contribution to Modernism: “Construction” as Realization of Innovative Aesthetic Concepts of the Russian Avant-Garde. Advisor: Gert Schiff

Holly Edwards, The Genesis of Islamic Architecture in the Indus Valley. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Helen C. Evans, Manuscript Illumination at the Armenian Patriarchate in Hromlika and the West. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews

Roni Feinstein, Random Order: The First Fifteen Years of Robert Rauschenberg’s Art, 1949-1964. Advisor: Kirk Varnedoe

John Goodman, A History of Artistic Practice and the Monarchy’s Crisis of Representation at the End of the Old Regime. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Jane Fox Lloyd, Settlements, Dwellings, and Painter Pottery: A Contribution to the History of Minoan Crete in the Early Late Bronze Age. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Alisa Luxenberg, Léon Bonnat (1833-1922). Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Lisa Reilly, The Architectural History of Peterborough Cathedral. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Cathy Santore, La Bella: The Painted Venetian Beauty in Renaissance Art and Society. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Evanthia Saporiti, The Pictorial Style in Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Pot Painting. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Sarah Schroth, The Private Picture Collection of the Duke of Lerma. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Caron Smith, The Fan Kuan Tradition in Chinese Landscape Painting. Advisor: Alexander Soper

Gail Stavitsky, The Development, Institutionalization and Impact of the A.E. Gallatin Collection of Modern Art. Advisor: Gert Schiff

Heidi E. Violand, Jean Tinguely’s Kinetic Art, or a Myth of the Machine Age. Advisor: Gert Schiff