MA Theses


Indira Abiskaroon, Reframing Paul Cézanne's Classicism. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Abigail Abric, The Deviant and the Disease: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Prostitution and Syphilis in the Work of Félician Rops. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Taylor Lauren Alessio, Sebald Beham's Siege of Vienna: Perspective, Politics, and Religion at the Dawn of Military Cartography. Advisor: Christine Poggi

Emily Behzadi, Maruja Mallo: The Framing of a Feminista. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Quinn R. Bolte, The Ornament of Personal Adornment: Silver Stained Bracelets in the Byzantine World. Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Phoebe Boosalis, From Page to Paint: Love Letters in Eighteenth-Century France. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Melanie Bühler, Portraiture's Bleeding Edges: Frans Hals's Unruly Paintings and Their Afterlife in Contemporary Art. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Pei-si ‘Peggy’ Chao, Memory and Destruction: The History of Taichung Shrine. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Scott Ryan Davis, The SAMO Avant-Garde: Henry Flynt's The SAMO© Graffiti and the Problem with Cultural Production 1963 – 1987. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Megan Ashley Dinoia, Joan MIró's 1970s Landscapes: Unearthing a Post-Franco Nationalism. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Alana Dull, Picturing the Garden: Jean Honoré-Fragonard and the French Picturesque. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Caroline Benson Evans, Regression, Authority, and Identity in the Works of Federico Antonio Carasso (1899-1969). Advisor: Kent Minturn

Kendall Elizabeth Follert, Les quelles qui se semblent, se rassemblent...!': George Adéagbo's Site-Specific Archive. Advisor: Christine Poggi

Ji Hye ‘Alice’ Han, “New Vision" of Tomatsu Shomei: Occupation Series and the U.S.-Japan Relationship of 1960s, Early 1970s”. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Brontë Hebdon, Cockades, Cravates, and Hot Pants: Aesthetic Politics and the Visual Language of Citizenship During the French Directory. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Yuxi Hou, From Big-Tailed Elephant to Yangjiang Group: Two Decades of Experimental Art in Pearl River Delta. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Yunli Huang, Visual Versatility and Cultural Specificity: A Transverse Study of Ink Paintings by Liu Kuo-sung. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Alyssa Marie Hughes, Golden Years in the Golden Age: Examining the Space and Place of Elderly Women Through the Painted Works of Nicolaes Maes. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Eva Grace Jensen, Eschewing the Footnote: Interrogating History and Memory at the 57th Swiss Pavilion. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Kim Eana, Embodiments of Autonomous Entities: Lynn Hershman Leeson's Artificially Intelligent Robots, Agent Ruby and DiNA. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Heyeon ‘Erin’ Kim, Elmgreen and Dragset's Immersive Installations: The Art World, Public Institutions, and Our Society. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Damla Koksalan, Mythologies of Chris Burden: Mediating Theology in Post-War Body Art. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Fosca Maddaloni, Cushioned Bliss: The Enclosed World of the Children at Play on 12th and 13th Century Cizhou Pillows. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Sanya Mirpuri, Shifting Views of Women: A View of the Emblematic Shifts in Johannes Vermeer's Works. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Susana Montanes LLeras, The Sorceress and the Dragon: Virginia Frances Sterrett's Illustration for Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Stacy Renee Newport, The Material of Counterculture: Reconsidering Fiber Art. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Lisa Angela Orcutt, Li Huasheng's 'Grids': Form and Context. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Leah Jeanette Orescan, Painting in Bloom: Contextualizing Still Life With A Bouquet in the Making and the Career of Dirck de Bray. Advisor: Thomas Crow

Ilhan Ozan, Unfolding Abstraction: Regionalism and Diplomacy in the Fifth Tehran Biennial (1966). Advisor: Kent Minturn

Mattos Paschal, They Still Live: Barbara Kruger and the Patriarchal Control of Women. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Haley Sierra Pierce, Illustrative Painting: The Influence of Printmaking in Fin-de-Siècle France. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Louisa Michelle Raitt, The Affect of Ambiguity: Spatial Construction in the Early Bodegones of Diego Velázquez. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Julian Sanchez Gonzalez, The Issue of the ‘Double-Outlier’: Contemporary Art from the Caribbean and Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Hannah Kate Simon, Imperial Cult Imagery in Asia Minor: Purpose, Precedence, and Peculiarity. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Maria Slautina, Recontextualization of Imported Chinese Rocks in Early Modern Japan: A Study in Transcultural Interactions. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Arielle Suskin, Cista with Cover in the Morgan Library: A Reassessment. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Mi Tian, Visualizing the Dual Identity: A Study of 'Elegant Gathering' Paintings Commissioned by Zeng Yu's Mufu System. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Alison Emilia Tufano, Finding Intimacy in the Union Square Subway Station: The Public Art of Mary Miss. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Mengyao Wang, Portraying the Mother, Portraying the Child: Doubling in the Photographic Portraits by Diane Arbus. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Yifei Wu, A Game of Forms: An Analysis of Landscape Prints from Green Mustard Seed Manual of Painting. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Yang Yang, Drawing a Fine Line: Artifice and Artistry in Henri Michaux’s Mescaline Series. Advisor: Kent Minturn

Melissa Noelle Young, Brush, Dab, Zoo: Animals That Paint. Advisor: Kent Minturn


Christina Aldrich, Sol Arnedo Catalan Romanesque in the Making: New Perspectives on the Contributions of Walter W.S. Cook. Advisor: Robert Maxwell

Tiffany Apostolu, Maria Altering Perception of Space and Place: An Approach to Byzantine Mosaic Effects in Two Churches. Advisor: Thomas, Thelma

Ellen Archie, The Triumph of Tryphe: Dionysian Themes on Luxury Goods From Ptolemaic Alexandria. Advisor: Clemente Marconi

Paige Allyn Bert, An Uneasy Alliance: The Role of the Metropolitan Musuem of Art in Forging the Identity of the Museum of Modern Art. Advisor: de Montebello, Philippe

Emily Cohen, Hishta Wild Women: The Botanical Artists of Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Wildflower Field Guides in North America. Advisor: Crow, Thomas

Rebecca Rose Cuomo, BLACK MATTER: Notes on Being & Becoming / Black Women & Brazil. Advisor: Sullivan, Edward J.

Harral Joseph Debauche, "Stud-Horse Frames" Put to Pasture: The Deframing of the Guggenheim. Advisor: Eisler, Colin

Maria Fernanda Dominguez, The Portraits of Epifanio Garay: Intersections Between Painting and Photography in Nineteenth-Century Colombia. Advisor: Sullivan, Edward J.

Lauren Durling, Dali's Desire to Integrate. Advisor: Lubar, Robert

Ellis Edwards, Out of the Ashes: The Sanctity of Modern Art in France's Post-War Chapels. Advisor: Cohen, Jean-Louis

Mariam Saleem Farooqi, Grotesque Guardians: Using the Mansurah Bronzes to Explore Indo-Islamic Sculptural Hybridity in Medieval Sind. Advisor: Flood, Finbarr Barry

Rebecca Gridley, Luca's Labors: Luca della Robbia's Working Methods, Works, and Medici Magnificence. Advisor: Rubin, Patricia

Katherine Ann Halcrow, Monumental in the Making: The Development of Greek and Roman Water Structures. Advisor: Marconi, Clemente HAMM, Connor Unsettle the Score: Benjamin Patterson, Fluxus, and the Post-Visual Impulse in Art. Advisor: Crow, Thomas

Regina Sarah Harsanyi, The Early Cinema of Exhibition: Projection in the Gallery Space Between 1921-1952. Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Qing Huang, Cinematic Representation as History (Re-)Making Yang Fudong. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Bettina Anna Jackson Cantador, Engagement, Temporality, and Mediation: Luca Giordano's Apotheosis of the Spanish Monarchy. Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Da Hyung Jeong, A Double Modernism: Reconsidering Soviet Architecture of the Post-Stalinist Period, 1953-1991. Advisor: Cohen, Jean-Louis

Angel Jiang, Guillem Sagrera in Naples: Stones of Mallorca and the Architecture In-Between. Advisor: Maxwell, Robert

Clarence Johns, Pop Icons: The Album Covers of Andy Warhol. Advisor: Crow, Thomas

Kathleen Robin Joyce, Jasper Johns: Printmaking as a Technology of Doubt. Advisor: Slifkin, Robert

Soyoung Kim, Homes Across Continents: The Nomadic Touch of Do Ho Suh and His Art. Advisor: Minturn, Kent

Jessica Eileen Kitz, The Art of Letter Writing: Personal Letters in the Visual Culture of the American Civil War. Advisor: Slifkin, Robert

Sofia Kofodimos, Collages in Motion: The Transformations and Dispersal of Ray Johnson's Moticos. Advisor: Crow, Thomas

Naomi Kuroyima, Sekai-sei vs. Universality: Bokujin-kai's Aspirations for "World Relevance" (1951-60). Advisor: Minturn, Kent

Jiete Li, The Late Ming Courtesan Painter Ma Shouzhen's 'Super-Brand': The Contribution of Inauthentic Paintings to a Discursive Field. Advisor: Hay, Jonathan

Kunhua Liu, A Study on the Painting Deities Descending To The Western Sacred Mountain. Advisor: Hay, Jonathan

Augusta Loomis, The Lucid Dream: Language and the Art of James Turrell. Advisor: Crow, Thomas

Elizabeth Lyons, Frenhofer, Lantier, and Cezanne: Artistic Genius and Failure in Nineteenth-Century French Art and Literature. Advisor: Minturn, Kent

Lisa Machi, Selective Identity Formation Processes of the Caucausian Iberian Elite as Expressed Through Glyptic Art. Advisor: Welch, Katherine

Sarah Walsh Mallory, Placing Dutch Realism in Global Landscapes: Printed Images of Dutch Mauritius, c. 1600. Advisor: Mochizuki, Mia

Shannon Mulshine, Roy Lichtenstein's Pyramids: A Study in Perspective". Advisor: Crow, Thomas

Bermet Nishanova, A Late Antique Christian Textile Icon of the Holy Mary: A Tapestry Hanging in the Cleveland Museum of Art 1967. Advisor: Thomas, Thelma

Laura Panadero, The Role of Material Experimentation in Irving Penn's Nudes, 1949-50. Advisor: Ellis, Margaret Holben

Juwon Park, Music-Image Interplay in A Movie by Bruce Conner. Advisor: Merjjian, Ara

Jared Quinton, Man Made Materials: Rene Pena and the Racialized Body. Advisor: Sullivan, Edward J.

Theresa Kathryn Rodewald, Rebuilding the Box: Mark Bradford, Theaster Gates, Museum Education, and the Collaborative Work of Art Accessibility. Advisor: Thomas, Thelma

Kelley Stone, Circling an Elite Model: Evaluating the Continuity and Adaptation of the Tumulus By The Roman Empire. Advisor: Welch, Katherine

Luis Andres Tescaroli Espinosa, Gustave Moreau's Salome: Ornament, Deadly Theatrics, and Phantasmagoria. Advisor: Thomas, Thelma

Molly Katherine Thrailkill, Coding the Message to America. Advisor: Slifkin, Robert

Anna Toptchi, Reaffirming the Phenomenological: Experiences of Environment and Geography in Icelandic Contemporary Art. Advisor: Minturn, Kent

Sarah Beatrice Vodelman, Remembering and Preserving: The Realities of Political Violence in the Early Work of Maria Fernanda Cardoso and Doris Salcedo. Advisor: Sullivan, Edward J.

Rachel Lynn Vorsanger, The Bi-Continental Surrealism of Remedios Varo. Advisor: Sullivan, Edward J.

Mengqi Xu, Panche Tu (Transport Cart Painting) in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126): Meanings and Possibilities. Advisor: Hay, Jonathan

Linda Yun, New Media and Politics in the Works of Hito Steyerl. Advisor: Minturn, Kent


Sarah Gonzalez, The Demonic Mirror of Siyah Qalam: Societal Self-Perception through Depictions of Demons, Advisor: Pricsilla Soucek

Charlotte Healy, Between Weaving and Photography: Paul Klee’s Haptic Surfaces, Advisor: Robert Lubar

Betty Hensellek, A Reconsideration of the So-Called Sasanian Senmurv Kaftan, Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Briana Jackson
, Universalizing Tendencies and the Exchange of Art and Luxury Goods in the Reigns of Amenhotep III and Akhenaten, Advisor: David O'Connor

Shannon Ness
, The Juno in the Kitchen: Representations of Women in the Domestic Shrines of Pompeii, Advisor: Katherine Welch

Myungjin Shin
, Frederick Law Olmstead's System of Parks and Parkways in the Emerald Necklace, Boston, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Schuyler Swartout
, Fifth-century Sarcophagi from Aquitania and the Question of Visigothis Patronage, Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke


Alzahraa Ahmed, Refiguring Figurines: The Many Lives of Amulets/Dolls across the Byzantine and Islamic Eastern Mediterranean, 6th -12th Century, Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Eva Bezverkhny
, The New Vision: The Cinematic Apparatus in Russia, Germany, and France, 1920-1929, Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Mary Brass
, Roman Catholic Imagery and Philosophy in Rauschenberg's Work of the 1950s and 60s, Advisor: Thomas Crow

Michelle Brown
, Dancing with Scissors: Embodied Responses to Matisse's Representations of Dance, Advisor:  Linda Nochlin

Natalie Bunnell
, Modernismo and Magazine Illustration in Mexico City, 1890-1910, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Emily Cannarella
, Tradition, Imitation, and Ornament: Giorgio Vasari’s Holy Family with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist in the Acton Collection, Villa La Pietra, Advisor: Patricia Rubin

Matthew Collins
, Mussolini the Demigod: From Pictures and Words to Buildings and Streets, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Alexandra Courcoulas
, Constructing Cities/ Constructing Identities: Thessaloniki and Izmir in the early Twentieth Century, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Alexander Coyle
, Historical Problems and the Representation of Time at San Marco in Venice, Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Julie Emerson
, Painting the "Authentic": Carlos Alberto Castellanos on Both Sides of the Atlantic, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Austen Leigh De Pinto
, Women of Aphrodisias: Female Portrait Sculpture in its Civic and Cultural Context, Advisor: Katherin Welch

Alexandra Gardiner
, Women Avowed: Female Representations on Attic White Ground Lekythoi, Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Sarah Hardin
, Charlotte Park’s Paintings and Abstract Expressionism, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Rebecca Jones
, Hiroshi Sugimoto's Dioramas and Medieval Holy Images, Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Farisa Khalid
, Starstruck: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood, Advisor: Thomas Crow

Emma Rose Kiefer
, Andrea, Nardo, and Jacopo di Cionel Collaboration in Mid-Trecento Florentine Painting, Advisor: Alexander Nagel

Rachel Kim
, Hervé Télémaque’s Return to Figuration, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Emily Klasson
, Deutschland will leben- Deutschland muß bauen: Architectural Exhibitions in Postwar Germany, Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Melinda Lang
, Un-stacking Judd’s Stacks: The Delegated Fabrication Process, Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Amelia Langer
, Antonio Seguí, 1961-1970: Buenos Aires to Paris, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Kimberly Marcelino
, Disappearance and Depiction: Illustrations of Itinerant Traders in Post-Industrial Paris and London, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Emily Melchin
, Women's Work: Images of Women by WPA-FAP Female Printmakers, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Amy Miranda
, Three Critical Circuses for Roman Architecture: The Circus Maximus, Circus Varianus, and Circus of Maxentius, Advisor: Katherin Welch

Erika Nelson
, The Collection of Jules S. Bache, Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Elizabeth Pisano
, A Good Picture Always Sells Well?: Charles T. Yerkes and the Rise of Spectacle in the Modern Auction, Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Blanca De La Válgoma Rodríguez-Monge
, Politics and Portraits: The Exchange of Royal Portraits between Spain, France and Austria in the 1650s, Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Blanca Serrano
, The Baroque and the Neo-Baroque in the Cuban Visual and Literary Avant-Gardes, 1930-50, Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Kimia Shahi
, …To draw the Eyes of the Spectators upon them: Bernard Picart and the Indian Image, in the Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde, Advisor: Finbarr Barry Flood

Frances Holly Shen
, The Art/work of Mel Bochner’s Working Drawings, Advisor: Jeffrey Weiss

Samantha Small
, Agency in Print: Kathe Kollwitz and Fin-de-Siècle German Print Culture, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Jeffrey Uslip
, Cady Noland: Towards (And Against) A 1960s Methodology, Advisor: Robert Slifkin

Vittoria Vignone
, From Attributes to Emblems: Pervasive Imagery of Cortigiane Oneste in Sixteenth-Century Italian Painting, Advisor: William Hood

Kathleen White
, Damaged Child: Poor Children in Photography, Print and Film of the Great Depression, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Arielle Winnik
, Silks with Ornamental Palmette Tree Designs in Late Antique Egypt, Advisor: Thelma Thomas

Sandra Williams
, Antoin Sevruguin and His Contemporaries, Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Allison Young
, Penny Siopis' My Lovely Day: Film and the Politics of Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Evan Williams
, Ever Drifting: Anna Atkins and the Birth of the Photobook, Advisor: Robert Slifkin