Completed Dissertations

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Eleanor M. Carr, The New Deal and the Sculptor. Advisor: Robert Goldwater

Wayne Robert Dynes, The Illumination of the Stavelot Bible (British Museum, Add. Mss. 28106-28107). Advisor: Harry Bober

Philip Oliver-Smith, Architectural Elements on Greek Vases Before 400 B.C. Advisor: Peter von Blanckenhagen


Irving L. Finkelstein, The Life and Art of Josef Albers. Advisors: Robert Goldwater and Craig Hugh Smyth

Marcel Francisono, The Founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar: Its Artistic Background and First Conception. Advisor: Robert Goldwater

Isabelle Hyman, Fifteenth-century Florentine Studies: The Palazzo Medici, and a Ledger for the Church of San Lorenzo. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Marjorie E. Licht, A Festaiuolo Patter Book in the Sir John Soane Museum. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Anne Markham, The Sculpture of Bernardo Rossellino and his Workshop. Advisor: H. W. Janson

Molly Teasdale Smith, The “Ciborium” in Christian Architecture in Rome, 300-600 A.D. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Suzanne Spain, The Program of the Fifth-century Mosaics of Santa Maria Maggiore. Advisor: Hugo Buchthal

Cecil Leopold Striker, The Myrelaion (Bodrum Camii) in Istanbul. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Peter M. Wolf, Eugène Hénard and City Planning of Paris, 1900-1914. Advisor: Richard Pommer

Shirley M. Alexander, Problems of metal usage in some late antique and early Christian manuscripts. Advisor: Harry Bober


Blancher R. Brown, Ptolemaic Paintings and Mosaics and the Alexandrian Style.

Walter Cahn, The Souvigny Bible: A Study in Romanesque Manuscript Illumination. Advisor: Harry Bober

Elizabeth Marie Cock, The Influence of Photography on American Landscape Painting 1839-1880. Advisor: H.W. Janson

William Bryan Jordan, Juan van der Hamen y León. Advisor: José López-Rey

Penelope Cromwell Mayo, Amor Spiritualis et Carnalis: Aspects of Ganymede in Art. Advisor: Erwin Panofsky

Laxmi Prasad Sihare, Oriental Influences on Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian, 1909-1917. Advisor: Robert Goldwater

Marvin L. Trachtenberg, The Campanile of Florence Cathedral. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Guy E. Walton, The Sculptures of Pierre Puget. Advisor: Walter Friedländer

Martin Stanley Werner, The “Majestas Domini” and the Eastern Penetration of Hiberno-Saxon Art; a Study of Iconographic Sources. Advisor: Harry Bober


Donald Louis Ehresmann, Middle Rhenish Sculpture, 1380-1440. Advisor: Guido Schönberger

Madlyn Millner Kahr, The Book of Esther in Seventeenth-century Dutch Art. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Naomi Miller, French Renaissance Fountains. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Ruth Ann Mirolli, The Early Work of Rodin and its Background. Advisor: H. W. Janson

Stephen Edward Ostrow, Agostino Carracci. Advisors: Craigh Hugh Smyth and Charles Sterling

Isa Ragusa, A Gothic Psalter in Princeton: Garrett MS. 35. Advisor: Harry Bober

Joan Crowell Siegfried, The Formation of the Impressionist Style of Painting: Its Pictorial Themes and Manner of Composition from c. 1860-1870. Advisor: José López-Rey


Margaret Ames Alexander, Early Christian Tomb Mosaics of North Africa. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Don William Denny, The Annunciation from the Right, from Early Christian Times to the Sixteenth Century. Advisor: Charles Sterling

Carol Herselle Krinsky, Cesare Cessariano and the Como Vitruvius Edition of 1521. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Allan Dean McKenzie, The Virgin Mary as the Throne of Solomon in Medieval Art. Advisor: Guido Schönberger

Warren Sanderson, The Early Medieval Crypts of St. Martin at Trier. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Alfred Knox Frazer, Four Late Antique Rotundas: Aspects of Fourth-century Architectural Style in Rome. Advisor: Peter von Blanckenhagen

Myron Laskin, The Early Work of Coreggio. Advisor: Craig Hugh Smyth

Lucy Freeman Sandler, The Psalter of Robert de Lisle. Advisor: Harry Bober

George W. Weber Jr., The Ornaments of Late Chou Bronzes: A Method of Analysis. Advisor: Alexander Soper

Charles Dunkhorst Weber, Chinese Pictorial Bronze Vessels of the Late Chou Period. Advisor: Alexander Soper

Dora Louise Wiebenson, Stuart and Revett’s Antiquities of Athens: The Influence of Archeological Publications on the Neoclassical Concept of Hellenism. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Iris Hofmeister Cheney, Francesco Salviati (1510-1563). Advisor: Craigh Hugh Smyth

Stanley Harold Ferber, Crucifixion Iconography in Carolingian Ivory Carvings of the Liuthard and Metz Groups. Advisor: Harry Bober

Joachim E. Gaehde, The Painters of the Carolingian Bible Manuscript of San Paolo fuori le Mura in Rome. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Jacob Landy, The Architecture of Minard Lafever in Relation to the New York Scene from 1825 to 1855. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Priscilla E. Muller, The Drawings of Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra. Advisor: José López-Rey

Linda Nochlin, The Development and Nature of Realism in the Work of Gustave Courbet: A Study of the Style and its Social and Artistic Background. Advisor: Robert Goldwater

Joseph Polzer, Circus Pavements. Advisor: Peter von Blanckenhagen


Luba Krugman Gurdus, The Self-Portrait in French Painting from Neo-Classicism to Realism. Advisor: H. W. Janson

Donald Posner, The Roman Style of Annibale Caracci and his School. Advisor: Walter Friedländer

Dorothea F. Nyberg, Michel de fremin, ‘memoires critiques d’architecture.’ A clue to the architectural taste of eighteenth century France. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Robert Lester Alexander, The Art and Architecture of Maximilian Godefroy. Advisor: Henry Russell Hitchcock

Hugh Taylor Broadley, The Mature Style of Quentin Massys. Advisor: Martin Weinberger

John Franklin Haskins, The Fifth Pazyrik Kurgan and the “Animal Style”. Advisor: Alexander Soper

Jack Wasserman, Studies on Ottaviano Mascarino. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Olga Berendsen, The Italian sixteenth and seventeenth century catafalques. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Norman Neuerburg, The Architecture of Fountains in Nymphaea in Ancient Italy. Advisor: Karl Lehmann

Howard Saalman, The Church of Santa Trinita in Florence. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Gustina Elizabeth Scaglia, Studies in the “Zibaldone” of Buonaccorso Ghiberti. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Mary Lee Thompson, Programmatic Painting in Pompeii: The Meaningful Combination of Mythological Pictures in Room Decoration. Advisor: Karl Lehmann

Leo Steinberg, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, a study in multiple form and architectural symbolism. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer