Completed Dissertations

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Julianna M. Bark, Liotard’s “terroir genevois”. Advisors: Mariët Westermann and Colin Bailey

Kerry Barrett, The artful hand: Pieter Soutman’s life and oeuvre. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Estrellita Bograd Brodsky, Latin American artists in postwar Paris: Jesus Rafael Soto and Julio Le Parc, 1950-1970. Advisors: Robert S. Lubar and Edward J. Sullivan

Mailan S. Doquang, Rayonnant chantry chapels in context. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Karen Leader, L’esthetiqur du rire: Caricature and art in nineteenth-century Paris. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Emanuele Lugli, Pietre di paragone: The production of spatial order in the twelfth-century Lombard city. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Alicia Eve Lubowski, The picture of nature: Alexander von Humboldt and the tropical American landscape. Advisor: Edward J. Sullivan

Michelle Marlar, The Osiris Temple at Abydos: An archeological investigation of the architecture and decorative elements of two temple phases. Advisor: David O’Connor

Kalliopi Minioudaki, Women in Pop: Difference and marginality. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Elizabeth Ann Nogrady, Abraham Bloemaert (1566-1651), the ‘Netherlandish Academy’ and artistic collaboration in seventeenth-century Utrecht. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Tricia Y. Paik, A palpable vision: Ellsworth Kelly in New York, 1954-1969. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Anna Karolina Piotrowska, The early career of Carle Vanloo: Training and practice in the capitals of Europe. Advisors: Mariët Westermann and Colin Bailey

Marcelle Polednik, History in the making: Sigmar Polke and photography. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Malka Schwartz-Simon, The space of production: Brooklyn and the creation of an urban industrial landscape. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Jovana Stokic, The body beautiful: Feminine self-representations, 1970—2007. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Amee Yunn, The Bargello: A new history of the first communal palace of Florence, 1255-1346. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Karen Zieve, Painting Between the Lines: Eugène Delacroix, Orientalism, and Other Histories. Advisor: Linda Nochlin


Daniel Belasco, Between the Waves: Feminist Positions in American Art, 1949—62. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Rosina Buckland, Traveling Bunjin to Imperial Household Artists: Taki Katei (1880-1901) and Transformation of Literati in Late Nineteenth-Century Japan. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Yassana Croizat-Glazer, Fashioning Femininity: Beauty, royalty and the Rhetoric of Gender at Fontaine Bleau. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Orgu Dalgic, Late Antique Floor Mosaics of Constantinople prior to the Great Palace. Advisor: Thomas F. Mathews and Nadine Orenstein

Erika Dolphin, Archbishop Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros and the Decoration of the Chapter Room and Mozarabic Chapel in Toledo Cathedra. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Eleni Drakaki, Hard Stone Seals from Late Bronze Age Burials of the Greek Mainland: A Contextual and Historical Approach to the Study of their Ownership. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Jason W. Earle, Trade and Culture in the Cycladic Islands during the Late Bronze Age. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Joshua Glazer, From Dossale to Macchina: The Silver Altar of Saint John the Baptists and its Symbolic function in Florence. Advisors: Marvin L. Trachtenberg and Melanie Trede

Lois Granato, Ludovico Gonzaga, Barbara of Brandenburg, Andrea Mantegna: the audience room in the castle in Mantua, imagery of virtue, rulership, and destiny. Advisor: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Joan Kee, Points, Lines, Encounters, Worlds: Tansaekhwa and the Formation of Contemporary Korean Art. Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Lynda Klich, Revolution and Utopia: Estridentisimo and the Visual Arts, 1921-27. Advisosr: Robert S. Lubar and Edward J. Sullivan

Juliana Kreinik, The Canvas and the Camera in Weimar Germany: A New Objectivity in Painting and Photography of the 1920s. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Ariane Lourie, Mass-Produced Aura: Thonet and the Market for Modern Design, 1930-1953. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Alison Manges Nogueira, Portraits of the Visconti and the Sforza: Image and Propaganda in Milan, c. 1300-1500. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Adela Oppenheim, Aspects of the Pyramid Temple of Senwosret III ad Dahshur: The Pharaoh and Deities. Advisor: David O’Connor

Ariel Plotek: Allegory in the Age of Realism: Monumental Sculpture in France 1848-1880. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Carolingian Innovation and Observation in the Paintings and Star Catalogs of Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS. 3307. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Daniel Savoy, Water Myth in Early Modern Venice. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Alison Unruh, Aspiring to la vie galante: Reincarnations to Rococo in Second Empire France. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Rangsook Yoon, Albrecht Dürer, The Printmaker and Self-Publisher: His Formative Years up to the Publication of the Apocalypse of 1498. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler


Ellen E. Adams, After the Rain: Surrealism and the Post-World War II Avant-Garde, 1940-1950. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Patrick Amsellem, Remembering the Past, Constructing the Future. The Memorial to the Deportation in Paris and Experimental Commemoration after the Second World War. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Susan Anderson, Witty and Lascivious Amusements: The Drawings of Cornelis Dusart and the Dawn of the Eighteenth Century. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Andaleeb Badiee-Banta, Bernardo Strozzi: Defining an Artistic Identity in Early Seventeenth-Century Genoa. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Laurel Bestock, The Development of Royal Funerary Cult at Abydos: Two New Funerary Enclosures from the Reign of Aha. Advisor: David O’Connor

Helen Burnham, Fashion and the Representation of Modernity: Studies in the Late Work of Edouard Manet, 1832-1883. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Sarah Cartwright, The Collectio Antiquitatum of Giovanni Marcanova (Modena Biblioteca Estense Universitaria Ms. alfa. L.5.15 = Lat. 992) and the Quattrocento Antiquarian Sylloge. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Peter Destaebler, The City Wall of Aphrodisias and Civic Identity in Late Antique Asia Minor. Advisor: Christopher Ratté

Lisa Duffy-Zeballos, Murillo’s Devotional Paintings and the Late Baroque Culture of Prayer in Seville. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Yvonne Elet, Papal villeggiatura in early modern Rome: poetry, spoils, and stucco at Raphael's Villa Madama. Advisor: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt

Johanna Epstein, The Impressionist Brush: Perceptions of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art in France. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Gregory Galligan, The Cube in the Kaleidoscope: The American Reception of French Cubism, 1918-1938. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Sarah Ganz Blythe, Promising Pictures: Utopian Aspirations and Pictorial Realities in 1890s France. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Mia Reinoso Genoni, Filarete in Word and Image: Persuasion and Invention in the Architetonico Libro. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Amy Hamlin, Between Form and Subject: Max Beckmann’s Critical Reception and Development, ca. 1906-1924. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Lyle Humphrey, The Illumination of Confraternity and Guild Statues in Venice, ca. 1260-1500: Mariegola Production, Iconography, and Use. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Jongwoo Kim, Royal Academicians and the Crisis of Masculinity in Modern England. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Anna C. Knaap, Seeing in SequenceL Rubens and the Jesuit Church in Antwerp. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Liliana Leopardi, Aesthetic Hybrids: Interpreting Carlo Crivelli’s Ornamental Style. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Ellen McBreen, The Pinup and the Primitive: Eros and Africa in the Sculpture of Henri Matisse (1906-1909). Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Rachel Louise McGarry, The Young Guido Reni: The Artist in Bologna and Rome, 1575-1605. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Ritter, The American Civic Center: Urban Ideals and Compromise on the Ground. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Leah Rosenblatt Lehmbeck, Edouard Manet’s Portraits of Women. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Edmund C. Ryder, Micromosaic Icons of the Late Byzantine Period. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Marika Sardar, Golconda through Time: A Mirror of the Evolving Deccan. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Julie Shean, Models of Virtue: Images and Saint-Making in Colonial Puebla (1640-1800). Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Philip Stinson, The Civil Basilica of Aphrodisias in its Local and Wider Settings. Advisor: Christopher Ratté

Adriaan Waibour, Gabriel Metsu (1629-1667): Life and Work. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann


Lisa Banner, The Religious Patronage of the Duke of Lerma. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Emily Bills, The Telephone Shapes Los Angeles: Communications and Built Space, 1880-1950. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Olga Bush, Architecture, Poetic Texts and Textiles in the Alhambra. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Claude Dickerson, Bernini and Before: Modeled Sculpture in Rome, ca. 1600-25. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Sharon Ferguson, The Art of Sawrey Gilpin: Romantic Expression, Humane Sensibility. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum and Katherine Welch

Theresa Flanigan, The Ponte Vecchio: Building an Urbanized Bridge in Early Modern Florence. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Laurel Flentye, The Decorated Elite Mastaba and Rock-Cut Tomb in the Eastern and GIS Cemeteries at Giza and their Relationship to the Development of Art During the Fourth Dynasty. Advisor: David O’Connor

Michelle Hobart, Sardinian Medieval Churches and their Bacini: Architecture Embedded with Archeology. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Rena Hoisington, Maurice-Quentin de la Tour and the Triumph of Pastel Painting in Eighteenth-Century France. Advisor: Mariët Westermann

Laura Klar Phillips, The Architecture of the Roman Theater: Origins, Canonization, and Dissemination. Advisor: Katherine Welch

Yeewan Koon, Literati Iconoclasm: Violence and Estrangement in the Art of Su Renshan (1814-c.1850). Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Cora Michael, As Much as the Light: The Importance of Shadows in the Art of Camille Pissarro. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Mika Natif, Explaining Early Mughal Painting: The Anvar-i-Suhayli Manuscripts. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Ellen Prokop, Fray Joan Andrés Ricci and the Commissions at San Millán de la Cogolla and the Cathedral of Burgos. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Anna Russakoff, Imaging the Miraculous: Lec Miracles de Notre Dame, Paris, BnF, 24541. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Nuno Senos, Franciscan Art and Architecture in Colonial Brazil (1650-1800). Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Kelly Sidley, Beyond Self-Portraiture: The Fabrication of Andy Warhol, 1960-1968. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Seema Srivastava, Fashioning the Decorative Body in the Late Nineteenth Century English and French Painting: Artifice, Color and Style. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Karen Stock, Bonnard, Vuillard, and Vallotton: Masculinity in Question. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Deborah Vischak, Locality and Community in Old Kingdom Provincial Tombs: The Cemetery at Gubbet el Hawa. Advisor: David O’Connor

Andrew Weinstein, After Adorno: The Essayistic Impulse in Holocaust-Related Art. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar


Yeon Shim Chung, Ultra-Sauvage, Ultra-Moderne: Paul Gaugin’s Ceramics and Sculpture. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Francesca Dal Lago, Between High and Low: Modernism, Continuity, and Moral Mission in Chinese Printmaking Practices, 1930-1945. Advisors: Jonathan Hay and Robert Storr

Jean Evans, Redefining the Sculpture of Early Dynastic Mesopotamia. Advisor: Donald P. Hansen

Holly Flora, Imaging, Gender, Poverty, and Spirituality in the Trecento: The Mediationes Vitae Christi. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Karen Kurczynski, Beyond Expressionism: Asger Jorn and the European Avant-Garde, 1941-1961. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Alexandra Lange, Tower Typewriter and Trademark: Architects, Designers and the Corporate Utopia, 195601964. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Domenic Leo, Authorial Presence in the Illuminated Machaut Manuscripts. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Maya Muratov, From the Mediterranean to the Bosporos: Terracotta Figurines with Articulated Limbs. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Lauren S. Nemroff, The Figure Paintigs of Tang Yin (1470-1524). Advisor: Jonathan Hay

Maddalena Paggi, Four Praenistine Cistas and the Society and Workshops of Praeneste. Advisor: Larissa Bonfante

Katherine Romba, Technik und Kultur: The German Architectural Discourse on Iron, 1890-1918. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Sofia Sanabrais, The Biombo or Folding Screen: Examining the Impact of Japan on Artistic Production and the Globalization of Taste in Seventeenth-Century New Spain. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Thomai Serdari, Albert Mayer, Architect and City Planner: The Case for One Total Professional. Advisor: Jean-Louis

Adrian Sudhalter, Johannes Baader and the Demise of Wilhelmine Culture: Architecture, Dada, and Social Critique, 1875-1920. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Miriam Wattles, The Life and Afterlives of Hanabusa Itchô (1652-1724). Advisor: Jonathan Hay


Kyung-hee Choi, Illuminating Liturgy and Legend: The Missal of Saint-Denis (London, Victoria and Albert Museum Ms. L 1346-1891) and the Royal Abbey in the Fourtheenth Century. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Annie-Christine Daskalakis, Damascus 18th and 19th Century Houses in the Ablaq-Ajami Style of Decoration: Local and International Significance. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Andria Derstine, The French Academy in Rome: 1666-1737: Art, Society, Politics and Relations with the Accademia di San Luca. Advisor: Donald Posner

Michele Greet, Painting the Indian Nation: Pictorial Indigenism as a Modernist Strategy in Ecuadorian Art, 1920-1960. Advisors: Robert S. Lubar and Edward J. Sullivan

Meghan Hughes, Facing the Fifteenth Century: The Portraits of Jan van Eyck. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Anna Indych, Mexican Muralism without Walls: The Critical Reception of Portable Work by Orozco, Rivera, and Siqueiros in the United States, 1927-1940. Advisors: Robert S. Lubar and Edward J. Sullivan

Ellen Kenney, Power and Patronage in Mamluk Syria: The Architecture and Urban Works of Tankiz al-Nasiri, 1312-1340. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek.

Jaclynne Kerner, Art in the Name of Science: Illustrated Manuscripts of the Kitab al-diryaq. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Jan Leja, Ferdinand Bol and Rembrandt: Authorship and Iconography in Drawings of Biblical Subjects, c.1636-c.1650. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Martha Lucy, The Evolutionary Body: Refiguring the Nude in Post-Darwinian French Art. Advisors: Linda Nochlin and Edward J. Sullivan

Areli Marina, The Urbanistic Transformation of Parma in the Age of the Commune. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Lisa Rafanelli, The Ambiguity of Touch: Saint Mary Magdalene and the 'Noli Me Tangere' in Early Modern Italy. Advisors: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt and Edward J. Sullivan

Richard Turnbull, The Muradiye Tomb Complex in Bursa and the Development of the Ottoman Funerary Tradition. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek


Elizabeth E. Barker, ‘A very great and uncommon genius in a peculiar way’: Joseph Wright of Derby and candelight painting in eighteenth-century Britain. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

John Garton, Paolo Veronese’s Portraits: Their Creation and Context. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Leslie Jones, A Barbarian in Asia Henri Michaux’s Works in Ink, 1927-1955. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Peter Benson Miller, Théodore Chassériau and the French colonial project in Algeria. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Nancy Minty, Dutch and Flemish seventeenth-century art in America, 1800-1940: collections, connoisseurship and perceptions. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Karen Overbey, The Space of the Holy Body: Relics and Reliquaries in Medieval Ireland. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Edward D. Powers, When father doesn’t know best: surrealism, metaphor, masculinity. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Juliette-Jo Saxton, An Original Artist: Nicolaus Knupfer (Leipzig ca.1605?-Utrecht 1655). Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Jeffrey Schrader, The Virgin of Atocha and Spanish Habsburg Devotion to Miraculous Images. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Sylvia Shorto, Public Lives, Private Places: British Houses in Delhi, 1803-1853. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Katherine Smith, Sign Language: Pop Art, Vernacular Architecture, and the American Landscape. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Lucia Tripodes, François Rude: The Importance of Sculpture. Advisor: Linda Nochlin


Miriam Basilio, Re-inventing Spain: images of the nation in painting and propaganda, 1936-1943

Michelle L. Berenfeld, The bishop’s palace at Aphrodisias: a late Roman townhouse in the center of the city. Advisor: Christopher Ratté

Sarah T. Brooks, Commemoration of the dead: late Byzantine tomb decoration (mid-thirteenth to mid-fifteenth centuries). Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Mary Weaver Chapin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the café-concert: printmaking, publicity, and celebrity in fin-de- siècle Paris. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Jennifer Chi, Studies in the programmatic statuary of Roman Asia Minor. Advisors: R. R .R. Smith and Robert S. Lubar

Jasper Gaunt, The Attic volute-krater. Advisor: Dietrich von Bothmer

Tami D. Hausman, Mobilization and modernization of Vichy France: the national renovation of Paris, 1939-1945. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Valerie Lynn Hillings, Experimental artists’ groups in Europe, 1951-1968: Abstraction, Interaction and Internationalism. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Abdallah M. Kahil, The Sultan Hasan complex in Cairo 1357-1364. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Elizabeth Kihara, Alfred Stevens (1823-1906) and “le femme seule”: constructions of modernity in French art of the later nineteenth century. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Robert G. La France, Francesco d’Ubertino Verdi, il Bachiacca (1494-1557): “diligente dipintore.” Advisors: Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt and Katherine Welch

Sharon Marie Salvadori, Per feminam mors, per feminam vita: images of women in the early Christian funerary art of Rome. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Rebecca Tucker, The art of living nobly: the patronage of Prince Frederik Hendrik (1584-1647) at the Palace of Honselaarsdijk during the Dutch Republic. Advisor: Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann

Aysin Yoltar, The role of illustrated manuscripts in Ottoman luxury book production: 1413-1520. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek


Jennifer L. Ball, Byzantine dress. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Maura Ann Coughlin, The artistic origins of the French peasant-painter: Jean-François Millet: between Normandy and Barbizon. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Dorsch Michael, Strong women, fallen men: French commemorative sculpture following the Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1880. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Martha Easton, The making of the Huntington Library Legenda Aurea and the meaning of martyrdom. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Aimée Elisabeth Froom, A Muraqqa` for the Ottoman Sultan Murad III (r. 1574-1595): Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Codex Mixtus 313. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek

Janne Gallen-Kallela-Siren, Axel Gallen and the constructed nation: art and nationalism in young Finland 1880-1900. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Eleanor Hope Goodman, Royal piety: faith, religious politics, and the experience of art at the Convent of the Descalzas Reales in Madrid. Advisor: Jonathan Brown

Rachel Kousser, Sensual power: a warrior Aphrodite in Greek and Roman sculpture. Advisor: Evelyn B. Harrison

Leslie L. Luebbers, Place, time and the art of architecture: the education of Charles W. Moore. Advisor: Jean-Louis Cohen

Elizabeth A. Pergam, ‘Waking the Soul’: the Manchester art treasures exhibition of 1857 and the state of arts in mid-victorian Britain. Advisor: Robert Rosenblum

Claire Svetlik, From princess to empress: the transformation of the monarchy in the portraits of Queen Victoria, 1819-1901. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Bahadir Yildirim, The reliefs from the Roman civil basilica at Aphrodisias in Caria. Advisor: R. R. R. Smith

Roberta May-Hwa Wue, Making the artist: Ren Bonian (1840-1895) and portraits of the Shanghai art world. Advisor: Jonathan Hay


Sheldon L. Cheek, Gozzoli, the Camposanto, and the Pisan Renaissance: a Documentary Studye of the Old Testament Cycle. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

S. Paul Crenshaw, Rembrandt’s Bankruptcy. Advisor: Egbert Begemann-Haverkamp

Carina Pia Fryklund, Studies in Wall Painting in the Southern Low Countries, c.1300-1500. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Deborah A. Goldberg, Isamu Noguchi: The Artist as Engineer and Visionary Designer, 1918-1939. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Melinda K. Hartwig, Institutional Patronage and Social Commemoration in Theban Tomb Painting During the Reigns of Thutmose IV (1419-1410 B.C.) and Amenhotep III (1410-1382 B.C.). Advisor: David O’Connor

Laura Hebert, The Temple-Church at Aphrodisias. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Elizabeth Hendrix, The Paint Motifs on Early Cycladic Figures. Advisor: Günter H. Kopcke

Marsha Hill, Ancient Egyptian Royal Bronzes: With Special Attention to the Kneeling Pose. Advisor: David O’Connor

Veronica G. Kalas, Rock-Cut Architecture of the Peristrema Vallery: Society and Settlement in Byzantine Cappadocia. Advisor: Thomas F. Matthews

Peter Roland Kalb, The Appearance of Modernity: Images of New York City, 1919-1932. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Ilona Katzew, Ordering the Colony: Casta Painting and the Imaging of Race in Eighteenth Century Mexico. Advisor: Robert S. Lubar

Linda Konheim Kramer, Aristide Maillol (1861-1944): Pioneer of Modern Sculpture. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Susan L’Engle, The Illumination of Legal Manuscripts in Bologna, 1250-1350: Production and Iconography. Advisor: Jonathan J.G. Alexander

Anne Leader, The Florentine Badia: Monastic Reform in Mural and Cloiser. Advisor: Marvin L. Trachtenberg

Maura Reilly, Le Vice a la Mode: Gustave Courbet and the Vogue for Lesbianism in Second Empire France. Advisor: Linda Nochlin

Lisa Anne Rotmil, The Artistic Patronage of Anne of Austria (1601-1666): Image – Making at the French Court. Advisor: Jonathan Brown.

Joseph Ruzicka, The City at Night in Nineteenth-Century British Art. Advisors: Robert Rosenblum and Edward J. Sullivan

Mark Trowbridge, Art and Ommegangen: Paintings, Processions, and Dramas in the Late-Medieval Low Countries. Advisor: Colin T. Eisler

Lale Uluc, Arts of the Book in Sixteenth Century Shiraz. Advisor: Priscilla Soucek