Completed Dissertations

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Won-Yong Kim, Studies on Silla Pottery. Advisor: Alfred Salmony

Maurice L. Shapiro, Studies in the Iconology of the Sculptures in the Tempio Malatestiano. Advisor: Craig Hugh Smyth

Webster Smith, Studies on Buondelmonti’s Villas. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Dario Allesandro Covi, The Inscription in Fifteenth-century Florentine Painting. Advisors: Richard Offner and Craig Hugh Smyth

William Richard Crelly, The Painting of Simon Vouet and its Relationship to the Art of Italy. Advisor: Walter Friedländer

Ellen W. Kramer, The Domestic Architecture of Detlef Lienau, a Conservative Victorian. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

James Stubblebine, An Altarpiece by Guido da Siena and his Narrative Style. Advisor: Richard Offner

Hellmut Wohl, Domenico Veneziano Studies. Advisor: Craig Hugh Smyth


Maurice E. Bloch, Bingham: The Artist and his Times. Advisor: Harry Bober

William Henry Olpp, The Church Architecture of Roussillon During the Romanesque Period. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Robert Rosenblum, The International Style of 1800: a Study in Linear Abstraction. Advisor: Walter Friedländer


Creighton Gilbert, The Works of Girolamo Savoldo. Advisor: Craig Hugh Smyth

Jonathan Edward Kidder, The Jomon Pottery of Japan. Advisor: Alfted Salmony


Edward Robert de Zurko, Functionalist Trends in Writings Pertaining to Architecture with Special Emphasis on the Period ca. 1700-1850. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer

Eileen Angelin Lord, The Carmona Dynasty. Advisor: José López-Rey


Adolph Joseph Karl, The New York Realists. Advisor: Milton Brown

Earl Edgar Rosenthal, The Cathedral of Granada; a Study in the Spanish Renaissance. Advisor: Walter W.S. Cook

Donald Allison Shelley, The Pennsylvania German Style of Illumination. Advisor: Craigh Hugh Smyth


James Sloss Ackerman, The Cortile del Belvedere (1503-1585). Advisor: Craigh Hugh Smyth

Charles David Cuttler, The Temptations of Anthony in Art, From Earliest Times to the First Quarter of the XVI Century. Advisor: Guido Schönberger


Edmund Haupt Chapman, Early Cleveland, the Development of a City. A Study of Urban Development and Disintegration in the First Three Quarters of the Nineteenth Century. Advisor: Dimitri Tselos

Jane Costello, Nicolas Poussin and the Genesis of French Classicism. Advisor: Walter Friedländer

John Howard Barnes Knowlton, The Graphic Art of Gustave Doré. Advisor: Walter Friedländer

Frances Johanna Niederer, The Roman Diaconiae: A Study of the Use of Ancient Buildings by the Christian Church Prior to 806 A.D. Advisor: Richard Krautheimer


Clotilda Acheson Brokaw, The Development of the Protoattic Style. Advisor: Karl Lehmann

Frederick Hartt, Giulio Romano and the Palazzo del Te. Advisors: Walter Friedländer and Martin Weinberger