Current Students in
the Conservation Center

First Year

Caroline Carlsmith (Time-based Media)

Celia Cooper (Library & Archives)

Maria Olivia Davalos Stanton (Objects)

Amalia Donastorg (Paintings)

Devon Lee (Objects)

Clare Misko (Paintings)

Second Year

Laura Bergemann (Objects)

Emma Hartman (Paper)

James Hughes (Time-based Media)

Josephine Jenks (Time-based Media)

Alexa Machnik (Library & Archives)

Laura Richter (Paintings)

Ruth Waddington (Paintings)

Third Year

Erin Fitterer (Time-Based Media)

Ameya Grant (Objects)

Isabelle Lobley (Objects)

Kayla Metelenis (Paintings)

Felice Robles (Time-based Media / Photographs)

Abigail Slawik (Library & Archives)

Peiyuan Sun (Objects)

Fourth-Year Internships

sasha arden (Time-based Media)

sasha arden's Internships are with the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Modern.

Adrienne Gendron (Objects)

Adrienne Gendron's Internship is with the Cleveland Museum of Art

Tess Hamilton (Photographs)

Tess Hamilton's Internship is with the Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard University Libraries

Natasha Kung (Photographs)

Natasha Kung's Internship is with the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts and the George Eastman Museum

Derek Lintala (Paintings)

Derek Lintala's Internship is with the National Gallery of Art, DC

Celeste Mahoney (Objects)

Celeste Mahoney's Internship is with the Brooklyn Museum

Shaoyi Qian (Library & Archives)

Shaoyi Qian's Internship is with the New York Public Library