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Services for Students Services for Faculty and Staff

Services for Students

Digital Imaging/Research

If you need scans from books, slides or flat paper media, we can help. We are also available to assist with image resources through NYU and JSTOR and are available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when classes are in session. For more information about scanning services, please contact the Manager.

Special A/V Needs

Want to add bells and whistles to your seminar presentation?  Need a special piece of equipment like a projector, or large monitor?  We can help! Contact with your request and we will respond as soon as possible.

WiFi Help

The university hosts several WiFi networks to allow you to connect your devices to NYU’s network and the Internet. Find the most current information about accessing and troubleshooting your WiFi connection.


Our in-house photographer is available for informal instruction in all things photographic, head-shots, and event photography Mondays through Thursdays, 10AM-7PM. Contact her at ( for more information. 

Software Help

We provide assistance for basic imaging and presentation and office software such as Powerpoint, Google Workspace, and select Adobe Creative Suite applications. NYU provides access to a variety of software packages that are available in computer labs and, in some cases, personal devices. Find out more information on accessing software resources, some of which may be managed by other parties at NYU.

Hardware Help

Need help operating the book scanner or troubleshooting an issue with an NYU-owned computer that isn’t working the way you expect it to? We can help, contact the Manager for more information or to make an appointment for a tutorial.

Technical assistance

The Digital Media/Computer Services (DMCS) staff maintains shared computer facilities throughout the Duke and Chan Houses.  The main computer lab is located in the basement of the Duke House, a book scanner on the second floor and shared computers in the Conservation Center’s library.  These are all in addition to the computer labs available to students at Washington Square.  The Institute’s and Center’s labs and associated printers are accessible any time the buildings are open.  For more information about technical services available to students, contact Joe Rosario (, our technical services manager.


The Institute utilizes an internally-managed printing system called Pharos for faculty, staff, and students. Please contact the technical services staff at for more information about eligibility and access. The Stephen Chan Library is also home to a printer on the NYU Print Service.

Services for Faculty and Staff

In addition to the services listed for students, Digital Media / Computer Services (DMCS) teamprovides the following services for the Institute's faculty and staff:

A/V Classroom Technical Help

For help with Zoom, projectors, televisions, or any audio/video related help. Please contact the Technical Services Manager ( for more information and to schedule use.

Image Database Help

In addition to lending assistance with the University’s local image database, the Digital Media / Computer Services staff is happy to help with other projects, in conjunction with the NYUIT staff.  Please contact the Manager for more information.

Social Media and Online Publication

The DMCS staff design and maintain the Institute's main website, as well as the IFA Research portal, and all of the social media accounts. Please contact the Web and Electronic Media Manager ( for more information.

Faculty Web Pages/Faculty Digital Archive (FDA)

We will be happy to help update faculty web pages, including taking new photos on request. The DMCS team is also administrative contact for the Faculty Digital Archive (FDA), the University’s primary archival resource, and home to conference proceedings, papers, and other digital materials. please contact the Manager for more information.

Generalized Technical Assistance

The DMCS staff is available to lend a hand with most hardware and software the University supports, however, we do not make house calls, and we do not service non-University equipment.  Please contact the staff at for help with this.