Paper Conservation

The paper curriculum covers a wide variety of sub-specialties, including photographs, books, manuscripts and other bound materials. Students enroll in a series of project-based seminars beginning with The Conservation Treatment of Prints and Drawings I, where the materials and techniques of works of art on paper are reviewed with attention given to those characteristics vulnerable to inappropriate conservation treatments. Basic conservation treatments are introduced, such as surface cleaning, washing, drying, tear repair, and flattening, with emphasis on examination and documentation. In The Conservation Treatment of Prints and Drawings II, students undertake more complex treatments, and each student is expected to complete several partial exercises and at least three full conservation treatments per semester, including all testing, research, treatment, and documentation. Students also participate in advanced projects that can embrace their individual interests in modern materials, books and manuscripts, photographic materials, or other specialized areas of study under the umbrella of paper conservation in numerous departments and laboratories located in and around New York City.