Current IFA Projects at Abydos

The Abydos Archaeological Research Collection

Years of excavations at Abydos have produced extensive study collections of archaeological material, representing every major component of the site and every period of ancient Egyptian history, from the Early Dynastic period through Late Antiquity, that in itself represents a major resource for research on the art and archaeology of ancient Abydos and Egypt.

A major Institute initiative at Abydos involves the expansion and improvement of storage at Abydos, in order to facilitate access and research. With support from the Institute for Bioarchaeology, construction of a major new storage facility for bioarchaeological material commenced in 2009, and further badly needed improvements are planned for the near future. The goal of this initiative is to create storage facilities and to implement a collections management system that will not only allow all components of the existing collection to be housed appropriately, but that will also allow for future expansion of the collection through ongoing excavations, as well as facilitate research by students and interested scholars.