Current IFA Projects at Abydos

The Institute of Fine Arts is engaged in an ambitious, multi-dimensional, and long-term archaeological research program, under permit from the Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities, to investigate the history of north Abydos, an area the ancient Egyptians viewed as having an extraordinary significance. This program is comprised of a series of major interrelated initiatives focused on a number of components of the site. The aim of the Institute¹s efforts is to build a comprehensive understanding of the full range of ancient activity at the site, how this changed over time, how the meanings attached to the site were expressed and evolved, and how Abydos relates to the broader context of Egyptian history and culture.

The field research program at Abydos represents a significant resource for Institute of Fine Arts students. Students have the opportunity to gain field experience through participation in a variety of activities at Abydos, including excavation, survey and mapping, collections management, documentation, and analysis, as well as architectural, archaeological, and objects conservation. In appropriate instances, doctoral students may have the opportunity to undertake, within the framework of the Institute’s overall field program at Abydos, independent research that serves as the basis for the PhD dissertation.

The Institute’s field program is led by Director David O’Connor, with Matthew Adams of the IFA as Associate Director and Field Director.