The Institute of Fine Arts Alumni Association

Institute alumni who make an annual gift of $100 or more receive membership to the Alumni Association. They receive the following benefits, for one year, upon making their gift:

•Personalized Alumni Association membership card
•Access to the James B. Duke House
•Use of the Stephen Chan and Conservation Center Libraries
•Invitations to the annual Reunion and the Fall and Spring Alumni Receptions
•Subscription to the Alumni Association’s Alumni Newsletter

Join your fellow alumni in supporting your alma mater. Your gift is an investment in your own degree.

Alumni Association Board


William Ambler


Kathryn Calley Galitz


Lisa Schermerhorn


Johanna Levy

Alumni Board Members

Martha Dunkelman

Matthew Israel

Gabriella Perez

Debra Pincus

Rebecca Rushfeld

Katherine A. Schwab

Janne Sirén



Gabriella Perez, Chair

Matthew Israel

Walter S. Cook Lecture Committee

Susan Galassi, Co-Chair

Katherine A. Schwab, Co-Chair

Yvonne Elet
Derek Moore
Debra Pincus
Gertje Utley


Reva Wolf, Editor

Miquael Williams, Student Assistant

History of the Institute

Rebecca Rushfield, Chair

Alumni Reunion

Alicia Lubowski-Jahn, Chair

William Ambler

Past Presidents

Jenny Eskin
Gertje Utley
Mary Tavener Holmes 
Connie Lowenthal
Suzanne Stratton-Pruitt
Gerrit Lansing