IFA Mentors

IFA Mentors is a program that connects alumni with current students and one another to provide professional advice and support. To sign up to be a mentor or protégé, please complete the short form below. Alumni living outside New York City or the United States are encouraged to participate as well.

What sort of commitment is involved with IFA Mentors?

The program is adaptable to the needs of individual participants. The extent of time contributed by mentors is dependent on their availability and chosen level of participation. As a mentor, you are able to select the number of students you wish to advise, and determine the level of interaction you have with them. You can meet with your protégé once or continue to foster a professional relationship over time.

How are students matched to mentors?

Students are provided with a list of mentors that includes their name, professional title, place of work and the city and state in which (s)he is located. Students request the email/phone number of the mentor whom they would like to meet. Once the request is approved by the Alumni Affairs Office, the student is given the mentor's preferred contact information. It is the student's responsibility to be in touch with the mentor.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

A mentor gives students an “inside look” at career options and coaches them on the skills that will improve their success. Mentors encourage students to network with other professionals, educate students on the daily work involved in their careers, and talk about different options in the field. They may also review students’ resumes and give feedback.

What are some ways to effectively mentor a student?

There are a variety of ways to effectively mentor a student. For example, mentors can make themselves available for one or more of the following:

What are the responsibilities of a student?

By signing up for IFA Mentors, students agree to the following:

  • Once students gain access to IFA Mentors they are responsible for initiating contact with a mentor
  • Act with utmost professionalism and respect
  • Be punctual for meetings
  • Use proper business etiquette when emailing and meeting with alumni
  • Reply to alum’s emails/voice mails within 24 hours
  • Arrive prepared with some knowledge of the alum as well as your questions and objectives for meeting
  • Write a thank you note to alum and send promptly following your meeting

Does IFA Mentors lead to a job or internship?

IFA Mentors involves no promise of future employment; this program is designed to promote professional networking and provide students insight into the field.