Special Projects

Lapis: The Journal of the Institute of Fine Arts

Lapis: The Journal of the Institute of Fine Arts is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal on art history, architecture, and art conservation published by the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University.

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Amerasia: An Inquiry into Early Modern Imaginative Geography

In 1545, the German mathematician and cartographer Caspar Vopel (1511-1561) designed a famous and influential map of the world, A New Complete and Universal Description of the Whole World, that depicts Asia and America overlapping on the same landmass.

Using an interactive, high-definition interface, this website explores the map’s content. Blue pins indicate translated cartouches, pink pins offer short entries on sites with particular Amerasian significance, and yellow pins offer extended essays on Amerasian themes.

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NYU Curatorial Collaborative

A student-led initiative where IFA students organize exhibitions of artwork by students in the Steinhardt School’s Department of Art and Art Professions.

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Crossing Boundaries: Making World Art History

"Crossing Boundaries: Making World Art History" is the first of a series of workshops aimed at providing a space for creative thinking, where ideas and views can be shared and tested, and cross-institutional collaborations can be formed.

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The Mellon Research Initiative

The Mellon Research Initiative asked about the directions being taken in art history, archaeology, and conservation: about what resources those fields require to support graduate training and research; how those resources are most meaningfully allocated; and, crucially, how learning is best delivered in curriculum and training programs. The Institute of Fine Arts thanks the Mellon Foundation for supporting this review, which was undertaken by means of a series of workshops and conferences exploring pertinent topics, many of which are available to watch online.

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The Institute | Research Labs

www.ifaresearch.org is where the Institute develops experimental web based projects.

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