Carol Herselle Krinsky

Professor of Art History, Department of Art History, and the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

Ph.D. 1965, M.A. 1960, the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; B.A. 1957, Smith College (all: art and architectural history).

Areas of Interest

20th century architecture and planning; 15th century painting.

External Affiliations

Society of Architectural Historians, (President, 1984-86); College Art Association; Int'l Center of Medieval Art; Cooperative Preservation of Architectural Records, (President, 1975-80); World Monuments Fund-Jewish Heritage Council 1995-99; MacDowell Colony (Board Member, 1989-); Urban History Association; International Survey of Jewish Monuments (Vice-President, 1985-95)

Fellowships and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa; American Council of Learned Societies, 1981; Meiss Publication Award, College Art Association, 1985; National Jewish Book Award, 1986; Merit of Distinction, International Center for Holocaust Studies, 1987; Golden Dozen Teaching Award, NYU, 1990; Brunner Research Award, American Institute of Architects, NYC chapter, 1990; National Endowment for the Arts, 1993; Senior Fulbright Scholar; (2005-10), Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award/College Art Association, 2004


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