Jonathan J. G. Alexander

Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus of Fine Art
D.Phil. 1964, M.A. 1963, B.A. 1960, Oxford.

Research Interests

Medieval European art, especially manuscript illumination.

Sample courses

Religious Devotion in Later Medieval Europe and the Patronage of the Arts
Picturing Poetry: David, Virgil, Dante, Machaut and Chaucer
European Art of the Fourteenth Century
Women and Art in the Middle Ages
Early Medieval Art in Europe

Selected publications

“A Copy of Orosius, Historiae Adversus Paganos, printed by Herman Lichtenstein in Vicenza ca. 1475 with illumination attributable to Giovanni Vendramin,” Viator, 43:1 (2012):  289-300.
“Francesco da Castello in Lombardy and Hungary,” Italy and Hungary. Humanism and Art in the Early Renaissance, eds. P. Farbaky, L. A. Waldman (Florence and Milan: Villa I Tatti, 2011), 267-91.
“Homeless and Marginalized: a Leaf from the Ghistelles Hours,” Studies in Gothic Art: Image, Memory, Devotion ‘Liber Amicorum’ eds. Z. Opacic (Turnhout, BE: Brespols, 2011), 69-75.

Selected honors

J. Clawson Mills Art History Fellowship, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2002.
Fellow, Medieval Academy of America, 1999.
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1995-1996
Honorary Fellow, Pierpont Morgan Library, 1995
Fellow, British Academy; Fellow, 1985