IFA Archaeology Journal

I am delighted to present a new online edition of the Institute’s annual Archaeology Journal. This year’s Journal features remarkable contributions made in the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. Due to restrictions on travel and access, the Institute’s campaigns were reduced, and many teams were unable to carry out their work in situ. Despite this, all were able to continue work on research, publications, and conservation. The team in Sanam worked on excavations in and around the first millennium BCE Amun temple of King Taharqo. Those in Abydos focused on excavations of the early Old Kingdom’s North Cemetery.  This site has attracted global attention since the recent discovery of a large-scale brewery dating back 5,000 years to the time of King Narmer. Finally, the Aphrodisias, Selinunte, and Samothrace teams attended to the development of future resources through excavation databases and training.

The work that took place as part of the Institute’s archaeology program this past year spanned many time zones, locations, and digital platforms. As ever, we would like to thank our donors for their steadfast support that allowed our collaborators to navigate this new landscape and continue to forge creative connections. We hope you enjoy reading about these achievements. Certainly, we all look forward to building on these discoveries in future seasons.

Christine Poggi
Judy and Michael Steinhardt Director
The Institute of Fine Arts